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Willysilk Type L

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The cutting-edge process technology in Swiss is applied to this type of ceramic bearing. Furthermore, the most sophisticated grinding machine is employed to manufacture grooves of the bearing.

Bearing cage was made of DuPont plastic and the material of ceramic ball is G3 imported ceramic ball.

Because of diverse advanced technics and material, this bearing can give us a sense of stability and continuation when we have an inline skating match.

As this type of bearing has a special internal design, our feet will feel a special sense when we have an inline skating with this bearing. This type of bearing is, therefore, the first of this kind of top functional bearing with long wheelbase used for competition in the world.



如此多樣的先進技術及材料,讓此轴承在inline skating滑行上有絕對的穩定性和續滑感。特別加上特殊的內部設定,使本轴承在inline skating 滑行時能感受到不一樣的特殊腳感,這是世界首創功能性的競技用比賽頂級專用「長距離轴承」。

Product Name:WILLYSILK Bearings
Description:608 Type S Ceremic
Size: Wide:17cm   Long :13 cm Tall:3.5 cm

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