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NL custom level 1-B

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Professional speed skating shoes made with the NL core integrated shoemaking process, using 8 layers of 3k Taiwanese carbon fiber and Taiwan's top epoxy resin to make a moderate weight and high-strength carbon fiber shoe shell, and the appearance is configured with Taiwan's ordinary PU leather!

With the use of top-quality diamond-shaped woven reinforced carbon fiber fabrics, the strength of the entire pair of shoe soles has been tested by mechanical data, which is 20%-30% stronger than NLSS. Professional athletes with economic considerations and budgets are very suitable for this unique entry-level custom boots.

This NL-CUSTOM level 1 is a unique entry-level custom boots on the market, currently available in "three" colors in 2021.

使用NL核心一體式製鞋工藝製作的專業速滑鞋,使用8層3k台灣碳纖維及台灣頂級環氧樹脂做出重量適中及強度高的碳纖維鞋殼,外型配置為台灣普通PU皮料! 配合選用頂級菱形編織強化碳纖維布料,讓整雙鞋鞋底強度經過力學數據化測試,比NLSS 強度增加20%-30%.經濟考慮有預算的專業運動員,非常適合此款市面世上獨一無二的入門款訂製鞋。

此款NL-CUSTOM level 1為市面上獨一無二的入門的custom boots鞋款,目前2021推出"三種"顏色可供選擇。

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