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Speed skating slide board

$ 125.00 USD
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[Highly durable skateboard] --- The use of special anti-wear plastic plates can increase the service life of the sliding plate.

[Special anti-slip pad] --- The back of sliding board is attached with a special anti-slip pad to get better training results.

[Specialized Spray Wax] --- The specialized spray wax makes the gliding process more smooth and lasting.

[高耐用滑板]--- 採用特殊抗磨損塑膠板,可增加滑行板使用壽命。

[專用止滑墊]--- 滑行板底部擁有專用止滑墊,幫助達成更好的訓練效果。

[特調噴霧蠟]--- 專用特殊的特調噴霧蠟,使滑行過程更加續滑且持久。

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