High-end standard mold shoe

NL-Custom exclusively developed shoe last for sports

Features of our lasts

1. Through 3D scanning comparison, forefoot and the lower heel will be even fitter that strengthen the overall power output.

2. While optimizing the application of force on sole, we make the balance control on the ground more easily.

3. The necking support on the ankle bone can enhance the stability for speed-turning around corners.

Production Features

1. Under a complexone-piece craft, the high-end standard mold shoes are made with carbon fiber wrapping the doubler, which makes the overall covering and durability are unparalleled to common lasting standard mold shoes.

2. NL-Custom's carbon fiber molding adopts exclusive CFGS (Carbon fiber geometric stacking) technology, which can achieve the optimal weight and strength ratio.

3. The U-shaped stiffener ribs on the forefoot can reduce the loss of force when the output power approaches the peak.

4. The figure-eight-curve foot spikes spacer, which were developed on our own, can make the force on the left and right sides more evenly transmitted.

5. Anextra silicone spacer is put on the top of the tongue to reduce friction on instep.


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